2. 2015 come faster

  3. science-for-breakfast:

    A little something about SDS-PAGE. I’ve pulled out some protocol details  and left the ideas. Hope everything’s clear.

    Working on the western blot bit, it’s taking longer to draw than I thought!

    …I made a sciencey blog!!

  4. I ate really good bread today haha

  5. 16 melodies

  6. some haikyuu twitter draws from a few days ago

  7. 25 more days

  8. Rie Kugimiya and Kenichi Suzumura voice my favorite characters from two shows that I really like!

  9. I’m so happy about the new additions to the roster.

  10. HIi!! Last month I had the pleasure of taking part in an Ace Attorney sketch zine with 5 other artists: rollround killertune emkonishi sherwindraws melissachenart

    I contributed a 4-page Apollo-centric comic that takes place in my headcanon between the third and fourth games, ish. Some caps are up there. If you’re interested, the zine is for sale in my store!

    Please take a look!

  11. those cells aren’t going to take care of themselves

  12. Some sketches from twitter. I’ve been playing WWHD recently and it’s super fun. Wind waker is still my favorite Zelda game. 

  13. a silly thing I did while doing something a little less silly

  14. My favorite thing about E3 is that everyone on my twitter is screaming about the same thing at the same time.

  15. I did the color + character meme that’s been going around except I picked my own colors and characters hahaha. 

    Chosen 4!!