1. making noodles with my dad

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  2. Really dig the new Pokemon trainer designs. I love tough-guys who have a soft spot for cute things hehe. 

  3. Inktober week 2 (plus yesterday’s). 

    You can read in first week’s inks over here.

  4. my inktober kids

    you can sort of read about them here for now but I might be posting actual scans later when it’s completely done

  5. Hey! There are only a few hours left before preorders for the Uchouten Kazoku fanzine, Aho Nabe, closes. Here’s little preview of my portion of the book. 

    For more information on the book itself: click here.

    To preorder one, go here!

  6. originally drew this as a doodle for hq69_min on twitter but I liked it enough to color a little

  7. One week’s worth of inktober.

  8. One of my favorite manga is really close to ending.

  9. I Kill Giants was a good read.

  10. uchouten-ahonabe:

    阿呆鍋 Aho Nabe | Uchouten Kazoku Fanbook Pre-Order
     25 Artist | 40 Full-Color Pages | 6 inch x 9 inch  | Perfect Bound 

    Thank you so much for your patience! I’m pleased to announce that preorders are now open for Aho Nabe! ”Idiot Hotpot” is a fanbook that celebrates the series, Uchouten Kazoku (The Eccentric Family), through illustrations and comics! All orders include a prism bookmark, those who order the limited "Nabe Bundle" will receive a sticker sheet + wooden charm along with a prism bookmark.

    Pre-orders will be open until October 10th, 10:00pm PST. You can pre-order either the ◇ BOOK ONLY ◇ or the ◇ NABE BUNDLE ◇ here!

    "A manifestation of our idiot blood!"

    I don’t usually reblog to this tumblr but I’m making an exception heh…

    If you like Uchouten Kazoku, please consider this fanbook. Everyone worked hard to put their love of this series into their pieces, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

    Preorder here!

  11. As the mayor of Cake, this is all I ever wanted. 

  12. I beat puzzles and lawyers recently, it was a really fun game and I drew a handful of doodles while I was playing. This game plus all the famitsu scans lately though… it just makes me more eager to play shu takumi’s newest ace attorney…!!

  13. toss me into the trash

  14. rolls into a ball