1. Inktober week 2 (plus yesterday’s). 

    You can read in first week’s inks over here.

  2. toss me into the trash

  3. rolls into a ball

  4. HIi!! Last month I had the pleasure of taking part in an Ace Attorney sketch zine with 5 other artists: rollround killertune emkonishi sherwindraws melissachenart

    I contributed a 4-page Apollo-centric comic that takes place in my headcanon between the third and fourth games, ish. Some caps are up there. If you’re interested, the zine is for sale in my store!

    Please take a look!

  5. those cells aren’t going to take care of themselves

  6. My favorite thing about E3 is that everyone on my twitter is screaming about the same thing at the same time.

  7. I started playing with an app called ArtFlow and it’s pretty nice for tablet drawing, and it’s convenient to have when I’m waiting for my PCR to finish. I wish pen pressure was a thing though. 

  8. Labmate and I were really, really off our game today. Never doing this again, it was awful. 

  9. I made a science zine about antibiotic resistance! 

    I was reading NPR stories today and stumbled upon this article, which kind of just reminded me of the importance of science outreach for the public. ABR is something I care about, so if this spurs you on to learn more about it, I am really happy. 

    If you want to print it as a zine, here is the printable version, in color and in b+w. Here are instructions on how to fold it, if you need them. 

  10. My hourlies this year, happy February!

  11. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning sometimes because you are just trapped by cold sheets. 

  12. Here is a simplified representation of a dehydration and hydrolysis reaction.

  13. Like a lot of people, I’ve sort of left my mayoral duties to Isabelle in order to become a pokemon master.

    In two days, I’ll probably be picking up Ace Attorney 5, and next month, a Link Between Worlds is coming out. So busy! 

    This comic is inspired by a tweet.

  14. this happens to me so much

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  15. Combining my emotional involvement with science and fandom at the same time~*~*~